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Exclusive Tour, Joiners Tour
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Maniwaya island Tour Package. maniwaya island is a group of islands in santa cruz marinduque, which is considered to be one of those hidden paradise in the Philippines because of its unspoiled natural resources. Be amazed with the tranquility and natural beauty of maniwaya Island located in the northernmost part of the marinduque,.

Enjoy the powdery white sand beach of maniwaya Island, its pristine and clear blue waters, and the luscious greens surrounding the island. It’s a great place for camping and relaxation. Book your next trip with our maniwaya Island Tour Package.

You can be assured that you’ll have the peace and quiet that you wanted in the beautiful and enchanting islands of maniwaya.

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  • 10:30 pm- Pick up time @ caltex gasoline station in front of trinoma mall
  • 11:30 pm – Pick up time @ SM Mall of Asia (MOA).
  • 09:00 pm – ETD going to San andres Quezon.
  • 09:00 pm – ETA @ Manila.
Van transportation (Manila to Gen luna Quezon to Manila).
Fuel, Toll fees & Parking.
Driver’s fee & Driver’s meal.
Enviromental fee, Permit & Taxes.
Boat fee.
Terminal fee.
Entrance fees
Tent accommodation.
OPTIONAL ADDITIONAL 150 per persons for the meals. (150×4=600)
Personal Cottage fee.
Tipping for the guide and driver.
Peak Season surcharge (TBA upon confirmation of booking).

Sunblock, water proof camera, mineral water, personal things like (towels, blanket, clothes, etc..)
Toiletries, swimming goggles, personal hygiene


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  • Contact us with your preferred travel date and number of guests.
  • Vouchers of your trip will be sent after proof of payment (deposit slip or official receipt) has been submitted.


  • Limited slots only.
  • Reservations are on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Reservation depends on the availability of the tour schedule.
  • Bring contract upon arrival with an attachment of the deposit slip.
  • Once booked, changing of schedule is not allowed.
  • Once bookings have been finalized, all reservation are NON-REFUNDABLE.
  • Travel time usually takes 4 to 6 hours.
  • Private tours can also be set on your preferred travel date.
  • The reservation fee will deducted from the total package cost.


      • Php 200 per person to reserve for EARLY RESERVATION and 50% balance for the down-payment will be settled 7 days before the travel date and  50% BALANCE WELL BE COLLECTED ON THE DAY OF DEPARTURE.


    50% Down-payment and 50% balance well be collected on the day of departure

2 Days and 1 Night Tour Timeline


Assembly and Departure

  • 10:30 pm pick up @ Caltex gasoline station in front of trinoma mall
  • 11:30 pm pick up @ mall of asia north side open parking
  • 12:00 pm departure time going to Gen Luna quezon
Day 1

Tour Timeline

  • 06:00 am estimated time of arrival at gen Luna port
  • 07:00 am estimated time of departure to Maniwaya Island
  • 08:30 am estimated time of arrival in Maniwaya
  • 09:30 am Palad Sandbar
  • 12:00 pm lunch (Guest own account) Optional
  • 01:00 pm FREE TIME
  • 07:00 pm dinner (Guest own account) Optional
  • 08:00 pm FREE TIME to enjoy your night at the island
Day 2

Tour Timeline

  • 07:00 am Breakfast (Guest own account) Optional
  • 08:00 am Ungab rock formation
  • 09:00 am back to Maniwaya island
  • 11:30 am Lunch (Guest own account) Optional
  • 01:00 pm back to Gen Luna port
  • 09:00 pm ETA MANILA

Thank you

JOINERS TOUR (2 DAYS AND 1 NIGHT) FOR EXCLUSIVE TOURS (you can also set on your preferred travel date)
Php-2,299 per person. group of 4 persons and above. Php 2,500 per person (group of 10 persons).
Php-2,399 per persons. group of 3 persons. Php 2,778 per person (group of 9 persons).
Php-2,499 per persons. group of 2 persons. Php 3,125 per person (group of 8 persons).
Php-2,599 per persons. group of 1 persons. Php 3,572 per person (group of 7 persons).
Php 4,167 per person (group of 6 persons).
Php 5,000 per person (group of 5 persons).
14 persons considered as exclusive transportation (FOR THE VAN ONLY)
FOR JOINERS TOUR SCHEDULE: every Saturday to Sunday
  • September 
    SEPTEMBER 2 TO 3 week-ends long week end (EID AL-ADHA) SEPTEMBER 20 TO 21 week-days
    SEPTEMBER 6 TO 7 week-days SEPTEMBER 23 TO 24 week-end
    SEPTEMBER 9 TO 10 week-end SEPTEMBER 27 TO 28 week-days
    SEPTEMBER 13 TO 14 week-days SEPTEMBER 30 TO OCT 1 week-ends
    SEPTEMBER 16 TO 17 week-end
    OCTOBER 4 TO 5 week days OCTOBER 18 TO 19 week-days
    OCTOBER 7 TO 8 week-ends OCTOBER 21 TO 22 week-end
    OCTOBER 11 TO 12 week-days OCTOBER 24 TO 26 week days
    OCTOBER 14 to 15 week-end OCTOBER 28 TO 29 week-end
    NOVEMBER 1 to 2 week-days LONG WEEK END NOVEMBER 18 TO 19 week-end
    NOVEMBER 4 TO 5 week-end NOVEMBER 22 TO 23 week-days
    NOVEMBER 8 TO 9 week-days NOVEMBER 25 TO 26 week-end
    NOVEMBER 11 TO 12 week-end NOVEMBER 29 TO 30 week-days
    NOVEMBER 15 TO 16 week-days
    DECEMBER 2 TO 3 week-days
    DECEMBER 23 TO 24 special tours
    DECEMBER 6 TO 7 week-days
    DECEMBER 24 TO 25 special tours
    DECEMBER 8 TO 10 week-end
    DECEMBER 26 TO 27 special tours
    DECEMBER 13 TO 14 week-days
    DECEMBER 27 TO 28 special tours
    DECEMBER 16 TO 17 week-end
    DECEMBER 28 TO 29 special tours
    DECEMBER 20 TO 21 week-days
    DECEMBER 29 TO 30 special tours
    DECEMBER 21 TO 22 special tours
    DECEMBER 30 TO 31 special tours
    DECEMBER 22 TO 23 special tours
    DECEMBER 31 TO JANUARY 1 special tours
Maniwaya island tour package 2 days and 1 night